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Bonnie Blanchard is an acclaimed music pedagogue whose four decades of creative teaching, inspiring lecturing, and excellent authorship have earned her a stellar reputation throughout the U.S. and Canada. An expert motivator, Bonnie has developed proven strategies for inspiring students and making music, even practicing, more fun. Her games and books help teachers create students who excel at their instrument and love what they're doing.

Music for Life Games!

An expert motivator, Bonnie has developed new strategies for inspiring students and making music – even practicing – more fun. Her latest project is Music for Life Games!, a downloadable video and word documents with cool and exciting games to teach music basics and strengthen studio relationships. Bonnie’s creative ideas and unbridled enthusiasm for teaching will help teachers create students who excel at their instrument and love what they are doing.

Music Theory

Games of all levels keep your students studying on their own.  Turn theory from twisted math problems into sheer fun.

Musical Terms Games

Crazy riddles and charades will have your students learning all those Italian musical terms in no time.


Getting to Know You Games

Learning music can be a solitary pursuit, but these getting-to-know-you games make your studio a place to create friendships that last a lifetime.


Rhythm Games

Being able to count is much more than learning how many beats a half note has. These rhythm games teach students to sight read and feel the beat. 


Music History Games

Does music history seem unimportant? Students will marvel at some of the truth-is-stranger-than fiction facts. They begin to think of composers as new-found friends.

Music Jeopardy

Students need a combination of knowledge and luck to win

categories such as Rhyme Time, Music Theory Makes Me Weary, and Dead White Guys.


Holiday Games

December is a great time for a studio party and secular holiday games. Who thought that dressing up like a Christmas tree or playing the Left-Right Present Exchange could be so entertaining?


Music Trivia

Test your students’ knowledge on topics ranging from history, theory, and instruments to spelling and virtuoso performers in fun formats.   


Just For Fun

Students will look forward to your events when you include games that have no real educational activities, but provide a good way to break up the other games.

Flute Games

For flute teachers, technique and knowledge of the instrument and its literature.

Music for Life Books!

Bonnie Blanchard is an acclaimed music pedagogue whose four decades of creative teaching, inspiring lecturing, and excellent authorship have earned her a stellar reputation throughout the U.S. and Canada.Bonnie is the author of Making Music and Enriching Lives: A Guide for All Music Teachers,  and Making Music and Having a Blast! A Guide for All Music Students, both filled with pearls of wisdom, innovative ideas, and humorous stories for teachers and students of all instruments.

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